The Best Seat in the House

Watch a game field side!  Imagine thundering hooves racing twenty feet away from you at high speeds while you sip champagne or take a swig of beer. The chukker ends, the adrenaline settles, and you refill your glass, play a game of catch football or chase the little ones around the grass lawn.  At halftime, you'll walk onto the field for a divot stomp, where you help the players by stomping upturned grass back into place.

Below is a quick list of tips to help you prepare a thrilling day in the country.


What should I bring?

First Saturdays at Denver Polo Club are a casual affair. You will park your car field side, then get comfortable. Here is a list of items to make you and your guests more comfortable:

  • Lawn chairs
  • Umbrella or some type of shade (many frequent spectators bring tents)
  • Cooler with drinks (no glass please) and food
  • Backyard BBQ games
  • Radio or music
  • Décor

On most first Saturdays, a food truck will be on site offering food for purchase.

What should I wear?

First Saturday tailgates are casual affairs, so shorts, flip-flops or casual sundresses are a all appropriate.

If the game is a ticketed event, such as a charity tournament, come dressed to impress. Ladies, this is the time for you to break out your fancy hat, flowing sundressees, and wedges to die for. Men are equally as dapper, in seersucker or linen pants, topped off with a fashionable fedora or bowtie.

Can I cheer?

Absolutely! The louder the better. Pick a favorite team, player, or better yet a pony, and let them know you're their biggest fan. In fact, if you ask a player, they will likely allow to take a picture with them.

Where should I park?

Follow the signs to be directed to field-side parking, and be sure to leave at least 20 feet between your car and the side boards of the field. When the game is in play, the horses can actually jump over the boards, so you want to give them space and stay safe.

Can I bring pets?

Pets are part of the family, but for their safety, as well as the safety of our players and horses, we respectfully ask that you leave them at home.

Can we pet the polo ponies?

Our members and players would be happy to show you around. Visit the Denver Polo Club tent located at the northeast corner of the fields and request a tour of the facility, including our players and ponies. Like any athletes, polo ponies are focused on their game and can be sensitive to distractions or surprises. Approach the horses only when you are with a Denver Polo Club member, player, or staff.